Last week we launched our software for query autocompletions: Type in the first character of your query, and Searsia will recommend a query that best completes your prefix. The autocompletions are targeted to the users of the search engine, without the need to track those users. Searsia’s autocompletions are demonstrated by UT Search, the search engine for the University of Twente. Today, using the autocompletions for each letter, we present a university’s autcompletion ABC:

(Photo from: Flickr)

A is from alumni, the former students that are not forgotten

B is from blackboard, the learning management system you’ve gotten

C is from contact, please do that again sometime

D is from disclaimers, legalize that doesn’t rhyme

E is from education, the university’s bussiness core

F is from france, where students live you’d like to see more

G is from germany, the neighbours in the east

H is from home, the main page of the site that’s just released

I is from intranet, the pages you’re not supposed to see

J is from jobs, if it’s a professor you plan to be

K is from Kennispark Twente, that’s now called Novel-T

L is from login, to access your password is the key

M is from Major-minor, to guide the courses you will choose

N is from nederlands, with strange sounds that will confuse

O is from organisation, some of which is needed they say

P is from publications, that are written everyday

Q is from Qatar, a country that now thrives

R is from research, that someday will change our lives

S is from search, that Searsia does for you

T is from This year, it will be a good year too!

U is from Universiteitsfonds, to donate for a good cause

V is from vacancies, to apply for rector, chair or boss

W is from webmaster, Anne is her name

X is from Xerox, printing too much really is a shame

Y is from your watchlist, you’ll be notified soon

Z is from zoeken, search for a Dutch course this afternoon