There’s a new search engine in town: Dr. Sheet Music is a search engine dedicated solely to sheet music. It retrieves results from more than 50 sites that provide sheet music; both sites that provide copyright-free sheets as sites from which you can buy sheet music of the latest popular songs. Give it a try at:

Dr. Sheet Music

Dr. Sheet Music does not build a huge index of all sheet music before-hand, as other search engines do. In fact, it never downloads a web page at all. Instead, when you search, it sends your query directly to the most promising sites. This way, you always get the latest results.

Dr. Sheet Music will occasionally show advertisements for charities from CharityChoice and GoedeDoelen, see for instance the result for the query for Wagner’s Prelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin. In the near future, Dr. Sheet Music will show advertisements from on-line advertisers that provide native ads too, see also our thoughts on search advertising.